Get clear on your marketing messages and get more clients!
Marketing Messages That (Actually) Work
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"It's helpful identifying my ideal client and marketing messages. I've received more calls and new clients! "
Jamie Ratowski 
Brightside Therapy Services
“To say my coaching sessions were worth it would be a gross understatement. I no longer worry about having a successful business."
“After coaching, I now have a clear direction for my practice and I am steadily getting new referrals."
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Andrew Dobo, Psy.D.
EMDR Educators of FL

Marla Berger, LMHC, ATR
Berger Counseling Services
Kathryn Doll, LCSW, ATR
Kathryn Doll
Do the work to achieve desired results.
Participate in weekly
coaching calls.
Guarantee your spot NOW! 
Take Your Practice to a 
NEW Level 
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Get clear on your marketing messages and get more clients!!!

You’re spinning your wheels when it comes to private practice marketing.  You're frustrated and overwhelmed by not being able to grow your business and work with the clients that most inspire you.

You feel like throwing in the towel. 

You wish you could wave a magic wand and the marketing fairy would take care of everything. You fear that effective marketing is as rare as a talking unicorn.  

You want to know what to do, so you can see the desired results. Perhaps you are creating an e-course, publishing a book, or hosting a live event, but you’re struggling with how to market effectively.

We’ve been there! We used to exhaust ourselves trying to figure out how to market by trying every little thing that came along. We would run after ALL the shiny objects, trying to find what works with little to no results.

We get how frustrating marketing can be and we’ve made it our mission to change that.

Marketing shouldn’t be a mystery. Therapists deserve to feel inspired by the work they love and get paid well for it!

Imagine what it would be like to know what to say to attract your ideal clients.

What would it be like to have a secret formula for marketing (that no ones else is talking about) that you can apply anywhere!

Visualize feeling confident and comfortable, knowing exactly what to say and how to say it. Imagine feeling energized and inspired, doing more of what you love, and living the lifestyle you desire.

We’ve done a ton of training, research and educating ourselves to find what works. We’ve binged on programs, e-courses, books, and trainings all to solve the marketing “mystery”, so we can share it with you!

We’ve seen results and we want to tell YOU how to get them too.

We launched our first webinar that generated $10,000, and we’ve more than doubled our income from 2016 to 2017 in only 9 months. In fact, I am using the secret formula RIGHT NOW to chat with you! Our coachees are getting more calls and more of their ideal clients are walking through their doors.

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8 Week Coaching Course

  1. Goal Setting - Envision Your Dream Lifestyle and Private Practice
  2. Get Branded - Create Your Vision, Mission, and Culture
  3. Ideal Client - Know Your Ideal Client Inside and Out
  4. Marketing Messages - Craft Marketing Messages to Attract Ideal Clients
  5. Therapy Directory - Create an Effective Therapy Directory
  6. Website - Construct Your Website Blueprint
  7. Website - Write Copy That Converts
  8. Strategy - Identify Marketing Strategies
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  • If you want to be done in enough time to Netflix and Chill. NOT FOR YOU
  • If you think niching is a terrible idea. NOT FOR YOU
  • If you don’t want to hang out with cool therapists who are changing the world. NOT FOR YOU

Who this ISN'T for:
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  • You're a private practitioner who wants to clarify their niche. THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • You want to create marketing messages to attract your ideal clients. THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • You want have fun and take inspired action to achieve results. THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • You want MORE of the clients you LOVE. THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • You want to contribute to the growth and development of others. THIS IS FOR YOU!
Who this IS for: 
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What's Included?
  • 8 Weeks Marketing Course
  • 7 LIVE 1-Hour Coaching Sessions 
  • 2 Practice Building Experts for the price of 1 (#priceless)
  • Lifetime Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group: Marketing Messages That (Actually) Work
  • Therapy Directory & Website Review 
  • 4 Secrets to Building Your Dream Private Practice Course 
  • Magnetic Branding Course 
  • Goal Planning Visualization and Worksheet 
  • Brand Values Assessment 
  • Website Wireframing Swipe Copy 
  • Ideal Client & Marketing Messages Blueprint 

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